The Brand

Discreet, LEBRAHC plays on simplicity and exactness to reveal the muted elegance of a tasteful woman. Entirely made in Belgium, the collections designed by Charbel – whose name in reverse defines LEBRAHC – follow strict geometrical principles and cuts. Chosen with care, materials range from wool blends, raw silks  and structured cotton ; together, they create a timeless style enhanced here and there with a twist of technical materials that freshens a look.

Visionary, LEBRAHC revives and revisits classic silhouettes with the sole purpose of modernizing them: seamlessly, collars and sleeves are sawn insucha way they can easily be removed, hence allowing for attitudes and looks to evolve during the day and over the seasons. From daywear to eveningwear silhouettes morph in style...

Over the years, every new collection will be unveiled as a new chapter that completes the previous one: stronger every season, LEBRAHC will carefully grow as a thoughtful brand where elegance is timelessness.


The Designer

Always drawing, sketching, painting, photographing, Charbel is a creative talent at heart. After working 7 years in close collaboration with Haute Couture genius Elie Saab, Charbel launched Lebrahc early 2013 in Kortrijk: a 100% Belgian fashion line.

After studying interior architecture at Beirut’s Fine Arts University, Charbel quickly explored artistic fields through the lens of architecture and geometrical balance. Rigor and pure lines still define his style, complete with an elusive touch of poetry.

During his Elie Saab years, Charbel rapidly grew into one of his trusted head designer: from researching themes for upcoming collections, to sketching prints, choosing materials, cuts and colours, not only did Charbel work in close touch with ateliers but he also shot backstage photo series.

All in all, this string of creative years that revolved around architecture and fashion paved the road for Charbel to act as studio photographer for film director Nadine Labaki, for music video sets, artists or fashion houses. To the point that he became Dita Van Teese’s personal photographer, while she performed at the Crazy Horse.

A rare eye for photography and geometry, a natural talent for fashion and a passion for architecture are the basis of LEBRAHC, Charbel’s newly launched own Belgian fashion brand.